leaving (drivingtheview) wrote,

you're the voice that i like

it's the first day of school but how am i going to mail this letter to you when you have no address
i dont understand punctuation
you've been the one ive been dreaming of and waiting for quite some time
youre the ache in my stomach
and i let it get this empty just to feel the hunger
its you
its me and its all illegible much like this letter; this mess
stop trying to decipher red marks on the page it just makes the blood run thicker
so im sitting in an empty room surrounded by law books
im the only one thats ever on time
the smell of you lingers on your shirts
and your fingerprints remain on my body from where you last touched
this ache that rests in the deepest part of my body is highlighted with every breath of silence between us. and when you're away. oh how i've missed you lately.
we're not newsprint waiting to cover up the clay and we're not dying. no one even knows we've come this far. you're my little secret i want to keep you so.
but it's so hard with an urge this great.
plywood limbs steel hearts and dirty lungs (keep your hands clean)
you're the only that is holding me in : together.
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