leaving (drivingtheview) wrote,

back to you

so, i think there are a few songs written about this kind of thing.

one that immediately comes to mind is by the stripey whites.

there's this girl--
and she makes me feel.
she's all.. hella scene and such..
impeccable style.
and goddamn, she knows it's the pixies before i do,
and that pisses me off, but when i look over and she's laughing and driving..
i have to let it go, 'cause uh..
she's really pretty. and i'm a sucker for her lucky, pretty eyes.
and she takes good care of her dogs.
and she's jealous and funny and she writes me letters (but not as much anymore)
i like it when she makes dolphin noises!
i like it when her hair's in her eyes,
and oh yea. she's fucking smart, too.
i think i'm going to keep her.

(goddamn right my hands are big. the better to feel you with, my darling...............slkdjfs)
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